100% digital

No more paper and all information immediately available.

Quality 4.0

Capture data on the go & control production at the tap of a finger.

Shine in the audit

Plan and digitally document inspections and tours.


Never miss a maintenance interval.


Deviations and measures always in view.

Quality management in the food industry

Higher quality with less effort

With Q-Chess Mobile, you can quickly and easily set new quality benchmarks and reduce implementation efforts by 80% (when compared to paper-based processes).

Checks and self-monitoring under control

Using Q-Chess Mobile you have all your checks and inspections under control at all times. With just a few mouse clicks, you can see what has been done – and what has not. Nothing is forgotten due to automatic reminders.

Recognize hotspots and act quickly

With Q-Chess Mobile you use a professional deviation and action management. At all times, you have an overview of which deviations are still present or have been eliminated and which measures were effective – and which were not.


Operating data acquisition & production control

With Q-Chess Mobile, you can quickly and easily record production and quality data along your value chain. By integrating with existing IT systems (MES, ERP and LIMS), you control the process flow based on the captured data. Q-Chess Mobile supports process modeling based on BPMN 2.0, so that even complex control processes can be mapped in a short time.

Checks, inspections & audits

With Q-Chess Mobile you define which checks should be performed at which location and at what time. The results are stored in an audit-proof manner and can be analyzed very easily. With the management dashboard you always have the quality key figures in view!

Maintenance controls & response management

With Q-Chess Mobile you avoid downtime due to unplanned maintenance. Q-Chess Mobile reminds you of upcoming maintenance and enables uncomplicated documentation of the activities performed. If defects are identified during maintenance, then use the integrated response management to ensure that the defect is rectified promptly and not forgotten.

Store audits

With Q-Chess Mobile, you ensure that the necessary checks and inspections are carried out on time in your sales outlets. With the management dashboard, you can monitor the activities in the stores from a central location and are always aware of the current status. If changes to the control activities in the branches are necessary, then you can adjust them and transfer them to the branches with a mouse click.

Q-Chess Mobile Apps at a glance

Mobile Device

Perform tests

  • Select and perform test
  • Enter data or select from options
  • Automatically transfer data from other devices (thermometers, scales, …)
  • Scan barcodes or add photos

Monitor due dates

  • Display of due tests (due date due to missed deadline, due date in process flow)
  • Record reason in case of missed due date
  • Stand in for colleagues (deputy function)

Receive notifications

  • Display of new deviations
  • Display of measures to be performed
  • Display of the processing progress
  • Notification in case of change of responsibility

Manage deviations & actions

  • Record deviation and assign to responsible person or team
  • Define measure for deviation
  • Set deadlines for rectification
  • Finalize measures and check for effectiveness (4-eyes principle)
  • Define corrective action in case of non-effectiveness

Desktop PC

Checklist editing

  • Create checklists
  • Set answer options to questions
  • Define thresholds and set follow-up actions
  • Define key figures (make quality measurable)

Project planning

  • Define test objects and plan tests
  • Assign tester
  • Set repetitions

Review editing

  • View exam results
  • Release or reject test results (4-eyes principle)
  • Revise audit results (with audit trail)
  • Define and generate reports

Deviations & Measures

  • Coordinate editing
  • Evaluate results
  • Document status

Quality analysis & operations diary

  • Compare results of checks
  • Analyze production & quality data


  • Create reports and charts
  • Send reports automatically by mail
  • Connection to business intelligence systems


  • Maintain organizational structure
  • Manage user rights
  • Manage mobile devices

Q-Chess Mobile in practice

Quality Manager

Anna Heinemann, 33

I ensure that our products and production processes meet the defined quality and hygiene specifications.



With my work, I ensure that our products meet the quality specifications. This requires a comprehensive QM concept and requires intensive controls and their proof in the event of an audit. Maintaining our certifications is critical to success!



  • Easy planning and monitoring of controls
  • Uncomplicated and efficient response management
  • Audit-compliant documentation

What hinders me?

  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Unclear areas of responsibility
  • Elaborate distribution of QM specifications (checklists)

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

With Q-Chess Mobile, I have all the exam results at my fingertips. If a test needs to be added to or revised on a particular line, I can do it with a few clicks of the mouse. If new deviations have occurred, I see it immediately on my smartphone and can order an action.

The evaluation of all results is very easy. This allows me to quickly identify error hotspots and take countercorrective actions. In the audit, I can quickly show the auditor the desired results. No time-consuming preparation is necessary.

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Define test processes 70% 70%
  • Perform & document tests 100% 100%
  • Recognize weak points 100% 100%

QA specialist

Lars Bodorf, 35

I ensure that the quality management specifications are adhered to.



I regularly conduct internal audits and check whether measures have been defined and processed for the deviations identified. When I identify potential for improvement, I suggest changes or additions to the audit checklists to my quality manager.



  • Simple documentation of the audits performed
  • Fast recording of deviations
  • Simple control of implemented corrective actions

What hinders me?

  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Elaborate control of the status of deviation processing
  • Elaborate search for manuals

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

The Q-Chess Mobile App immediately shows me which audits need to be performed. I use the app to document audit results, manage deviations, and define corrective actions. I can quickly and easily assign the corrective action to the various service teams and monitor the progress of the fix. I no longer have to fill out slips of paper and check off lists. This saves me a lot of time!

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Documentation of the results 80% 80%
  • Evaluation of the results 50% 50%
  • Follow-up of corrective actions 100% 100%

Machine operator

Arne Meier, 38

I am responsible for the smooth running of production on my line.



I monitor the production process on my line and record all necessary production and quality data. In the event of problems, I stop production and clarify with production management or quality management how to proceed.



  • Uncomplicated collection of critical data and CCPs
  • Fast communication in case of problems
  • Focus on production instead of documentation

What hinders me?

  • Elaborate documentation of production and quality data
  • Cumbersome communication with production management and quality management
  • Waiting for technology when something needs to be fixed

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

With Q-Chess Mobile, the complete production process is mapped on the tablet. With just a few taps, I can record the production and quality data. If e.g. limit values are exceeded, then the production management or QM management is automatically informed and production is stopped if necessary. In the event of damage to the line, I can assign a deviation to the service team with just a few clicks and my colleagues take care of it immediately.

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Reduction of scrap 80% 80%
  • Compliance with quality standards 50% 50%
  • Documentation of the production data 100% 100%

Plant Manager

Frank Schmeissner, 49

I am responsible for all operations at our site and am the contact person for our headquarters.



Our site is its own profit center and I am responsible for production, technology, personnel and finance. I have to make sure that we comply with production specifications and meet all requirements regarding quality and costs. The key figures of my plant are consolidated and evaluated in the Group.


  • All production quality figures quickly at a glance
  • Constantly improve production processes
  • Simple and clear reporting

What hinders me?

  • No uniform data basis for key production figures
  • Non-traceable quality deviations
  • Cumbersome report generation

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

With the Q-Chess Mobile, I always have the important key figures on the quality of production in view. If these deviate from the standard, I ask quality management and get detailed information.

I can also quickly and easily identify error hotspots and define corrective corrective actions with the specialists from production.

Q-Chess Mobile automatically sends me reports every day and every week with the most important key figures, so that I can answer any questions about product quality to the head office at any time.

We use SAP for production planning and quality management control. By integrating Q-Chess Mobile and SAP, we can perform in-process controls and internal audits on a mobile n device and the results are immediately sent back to SAP.

With the Q-Chess Mobile Management Dashboard, I always have the results of in-process controls, internal audits, and action processing in view and can quickly intervene if something gets out of hand.

Thanks to the seamless integration of Q-Chess Mobile and SAP, all data captured with Q-Chess Mobile is sent to SAP for further processing. This ensures that all relevant data is available throughout the Group.

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Production quality monitoring 100% 100%
  • Operational reporting 75% 75%
  • Communication in operation 75% 75%

Service Technician

Werner Müller, 38

I make sure that our machinery runs smoothly. This includes regular maintenance and repairs. If something does not work I am on the spot!



I check every day what maintenance is due or where something needs to be repaired. Colleagues call me when things are stuck somewhere and something needs to be set in motion. If I am at a loss, then the manufacturer of the machine must be informed.



  • Keep the machinery in good condition
  • Act quickly in the event of a production stoppage and get production up and running again
  • Good cooperation with my colleagues

What hinders me?

  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Unclear areas of responsibility
  • Elaborate search for manuals

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

On the tablet, I can immediately see which maintenance activities are due today or where a repair is needed.
The manuals and part numbers are immediately available if needed.

If an urgent repair is needed, I see it immediately and can get started right away. If I'm ever at my wit's end, I refer the problem to my boss, who then calls in the manufacturer's service technicians.

I no longer need to fill out work slips. All my activities are documented via Q-Chess Mobile. This saves me a lot of time.

How does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Monitor due dates 100% 100%
  • Document activities 80% 80%
  • View manuals digitally 100% 100%


Branch Manager

Manuela Enders, 29

I regularly check that all the necessary specifications have been met and report to the head office if any problems arise.



I am responsible for the management of the branch. In addition to planning orders for my store and normal sales activities, this also includes regular checks on compliance with hygiene regulations and proper documentation of the checkpoints from the HACCP concept. Regular personnel hygiene and the documentation of corona tests are particularly important here.



  • Quick and easy documentation of the different control points
  • Simple evaluation of the results

What hinders me?

  • Complex and cumbersome documentation of the control points
  • Cumbersome communication with the central office when problems occur
  • Discussions with my co-workers about personnel hygiene and the correct documentation of control results

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

Q-Chess Mobile regularly reminds the whole branch team about the checks to be performed. Whoever is on duty at the time performs the tests and documents the result with their smartphone.

I can view and approve the results immediately. The necessary reports are generated automatically and can be viewed online by the head office. This saves me a lot of time every day.

Once a problem arises, I create a variance on the fly and assign it to the department at headquarters. There it is then decided which measure is required and this is implemented. This way, I am always aware of when the deviation is fixed.

Since we have been using Q-Chess Mobile, I have more time for the essentials: for our customers, my employees and our excellent products.

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Monitoring of the hygiene corrective actions 80% 80%
  • Documentation of CPs & CCPs 100% 100%
  • Enjoy routine tasks 100% 100%


Stefan Zühlke, 45

I check whether the companies meet the compliance requirements and give tips on how to do this efficiently.



I perform audits at customers' sites, e.g. in the food industry. This means, for example, that I assess the management system of a company by questioning, observing and listening to the development of an organization and, above all, by determining whether certain specifications and requirements have been met.



  • Easy verification of compliance with quality specifications
  • Uncomplicated recording of deviations and control of corrective actions for their elimination
  • Fast creation of audit reports
  • Automatic determination of key figures

What hinders me?

  • Unnecessary paperwork
  • Unclear areas of responsibility
  • Cumbersome copying of data together to create the audit report

How do I benefit from Q-Chess Mobile ?

I analyze the company's internal processes and structures to determine if they are in compliance. For this purpose, I review documents and interview employees. I record the results with Q-Chess so that I can evaluate them thoroughly later.

In the company, I check whether the processes have also been implemented in practice as described. Q-Chess Mobile provides me with all the necessary questionnaires and checklists so that I can quickly and easily document the results. If I identify deviations, I can document them in no time at all - even by photo if necessary.

Afterwards, I can easily create an audit report with quality indicators and provide the audited company with a list of deviations.

I can use the Q-Chess Audit Portal to remotely monitor whether the necessary corrective actions to eliminate the deviations are defined and implemented in a timely manner.

Where does Q-Chess Mobile simplify my work?

  • Documentation of the results 80% 80%
  • Evaluation of the results 50% 50%
  • Follow-up of the corrective actions 100% 100%

What our customers say

The company

Since 1928, WESTFLEISCH has stood for guaranteed quality, verifiable origin and safety of the valuable foodstuff meat.

Westfleisch is one of the leading meat marketers in Germany and Europe. The company slaughters, cuts, processes and finishes at nine locations in northwest Germany. Around 40 percent of the products are exported to over 40 countries worldwide. Westfleisch employs around 7,500 people and is headquartered in Münster, Westphalia.

What benefit does Q-Chess Mobile create ?

With the support of Q-Chess Mobile, the quality management processes at Westfleisch Erkenschwick GmbH were improved to a high standard and a significant increase in efficiency was achieved with the digitalization of documentation.

K. Manthei (Project Manager KQM at Westfleisch Erkenschwick GmbH)

The company

Hubers Landhendl is Austria's leading poultry producer and has been part of the Bell Food Group since 2016.

Approx. 800 employees work at the Pfaffstätt site and produce chicken and turkey meat (fresh and frozen - approx. 70,000 t per year), sausage (approx. 2,400 t per year) and convenience products (approx. 1,200 t per year).

How is Q-Chess Mobile used?

The QA staff uses Q-Chess Mobile for the majority of QM checks in the company. This includes metal detector checks, MAP verification documentation, personnel and process hygiene checks and more.

What benefit does Q-Chess Mobile create ?

One year after the introduction in the company, the QM department draws a positive conclusion. The use of Q-Chess Mobile has significantly simplified the daily work of QA employees and, thanks to digitization, the data can be retrieved and evaluated more quickly.

The company

Buchmann GmbH has been on the market as a family business for more than 80 years. We combine traditional butchery with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary quality management.

Buchmann is themeat sausage specialist from Upper Swabia and theregional partner for nutrition-conscious commercial consumers, the demanding gastronomy sector, trading companies, butchers and our specialist butcher shops. We supply our customers with both fresh and convenience products.

How is Q-Chess Mobile used?

The necessary regular checks and controls (such as cleaning, hygiene, glass register, etc.) are carried out using the Q-Chess Mobile App on tablets and smartphones. In addition, in-process controls such as core temperature, weights, BBD, etc. are monitored and documented with Q-Chess Mobile along the process chain in production.

What benefit does Q-Chess Mobile create ?

By using Q-Chess Mobile, the QA team and production work much more efficiently than before:

  • The regular checks and controls are carried out more quickly and the audit-relevant documentation is created automatically.
  • In-process controls with Q-Chess Mobile enable quick and easy process automation that speeds up the entire production process.
  • With integrated deviation and action management, problems are resolved with less effort in less time.

The company

Mantos International Food Ltd. is a highly efficient production company in the food industry, exclusively specialized in poultry convenience.

Our main activities are the development, marketing and trade of and with poultry convenience products to wholesalers, food service and food retail.

How is Q-Chess Mobile used?

In the production of convenience products from poultry meat, quality tests are carried out in parallel with production. These tests are used to check whether the product in its current state meets the defined quality parameters or not.

If the test result is positive, production can be continued. If the test result is negative, then the production must be interrupted and a decision must be made about the further use of the goods and the continuation of production.

Depending on the processing step and the end product, tests, test contents and quality parameters differ.

Example: Before the deep-fried chicken nuggets are frozen, the product properties (e.g. weight, shape, temperature, consistency, etc.) must be checked. If all properties are within the tolerance ranges, then production can continue. If no, then quality management must decide on the next steps.

What benefit does Q-Chess Mobile create ?

The production process is mapped as a workflow in Q-Chess Mobile. All relevant checks are fully digitized, i.e. they are performed in the Q-Chess Mobile App. The production process is controlled on the basis of the recorded data, and in the event of deviations, Q-Chess Mobile can be used, for example, to control the production process. signal towers are triggered so that this is immediately visible on the line and can be acted upon accordingly.

By using Q-Chess Mobile, all data can be evaluated immediately and production control is much more efficient and produces less waste. In addition, all necessary documentation is generated automatically and can be viewed immediately in the audit.

The company

Healthy and good food is close to Z-Catering's heart. For many years Z-Catering has been providing small and large guests with tasty meals.

Here Z-Catering revolutionizes the future of daycare and school catering with a lot of dedication.

In 6 modern production kitchens, tasty and healthy dishes are produced and brought to the plates of young and old guests in first-class quality.

How is Q-Chess Mobile used?

To ensure that the food produced is presented and served at the serving points according to specifications, mobile devices with the Q-Chess Mobile App are used at the serving points.

With the help of the app, the necessary checks are carried out daily and compliance with the quality specifications is documented.

What benefit does Q-Chess Mobile create ?

With the help of Q-Chess Mobile, we have digitized our quality management and can monitor compliance with quality specifications at the dispensing points at any time in the head office. This ensures that our food reaches the customer at a high level.

Oliver Drömer (Area Manager at Z-Catering Berlin GmbH & Co.KG)

Our customers


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