Maintenance and response management

Maintenance management

With Q-Chess Mobile, your technical service always has an overview of which machines need maintenance and when. Individual maintenance checklists per machine ensure that maintenance activities always follow the same quality standards. Even complex and illustrated maintenance instructions are no problem with Q-Chess Mobile.

In order not to lose track of which maintenance activities have been carried out, will be carried out soon or have already been carried out, Q-Chess Mobile offers you a variety of options for monitoring and evaluation with the operating diary and the numerous report options.

Deviation management

With Q-Chess Mobile, you always have an overview of which deviations have occurred and which corrective actions have been defined to fix them.

Whether a deviation was automatically created in the context of a production control or someone recorded a deviation during an audit or maintenance. For each deviation, a responsible person or group of persons is stored, who is automatically informed about the deviation. As soon as this happens, the associated persons are informed by Q-Chess Mobile and asked to define a corrective action. A responsible person or group of persons must also be assigned to this corrective action so that it is clear at all times who is responsible for its implementation. Here, processing deadlines can be assigned to a corrective action so that the responsible persons are additionally reminded when a deadline has expired.

When a corrective action is done, the last thing to do is to check the effectiveness of the action. Only when the effectiveness has been confirmed by the responsible body is the deviation resolved.

Here, it is possible to quickly and easily monitor from a central location which deviations still need to be rectified and what the status of the rectification is.

With Q-Chess Mobile you have all deviations under control and can shine in the audit with “watertight” processes!

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