The key updates are:


  • Ergonomic and intuitive user interface
  • Automation of inspections/checks via barcodes (ID automation)
  • Management dashboard to display operating processes

User interface - The operation of the Q-Chess app for tablets and smartphones has been revised in collaboration with usability experts and designed to be more user-friendly. Using the new graphic user interface, you can clearly see the current inspection status at any time. Even long inspections with multiple topics and questions can be performed quickly, simply, and efficiently while still retaining an overview.

Automation - In addition to improving the user interface, the degree of automation of inspections has also been substantially increased by using QR codes. For instance, you can now scan in a batch label as part of a returns check and the designated inspections for this batch automatically start on the tablet, which also receives all the data related to that batch.

Management Dashboard - The management dashboard enables you to display your production lines using Q-Chess Mobile, assign inspections to the relevant production steps and see at a glance where production is running smoothly – and where it isn’t.

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